David Challier, (French, 1974 Born in Grenoble and raised in the Alps Mountain) is an artist both based in Dallas, Texas (USA) and in Simiane-La-Rotonde, in the southern Alpes de Haute Provence (France). Working primarily in the glass and ceramic scientific research and in decorative art technological fields, David makes pieces of art that are seemingly ancient artifacts and very contemporary objects in equal measure.

His inspiration mostly comes from geology, archeology, architecture and ancient heritage knowledge. Rocky deserts, Modernist design and mid-century architecture as well as European Arte Povera and Conceptual Art movements are inspiring him to create various two- and three-dimensional paintings, sculptures and installations.

Often composed of multiple fused and combined elements, each ceramic body and surface he creates are carefully executed using rough materials he collects in the mountains and deserts around the places he lives in or goes to for collecting various raw materials. The rocks, gravels, sands or silts he introduces in various natural or industrial refractory bodies he composes create high internal tensions in his creations.

The very complex process he is using often leads him to recycle and reassemble several parts from different pieces into some always more unexpected and stretched shapes and textures. Much time, many recycling, drying, erosive actions and several firings are necessary until he decides his creation is reborn into some solid and cohesive sculpture at the junction of the four main topics that characterizes his artwork: organic and mineral metamorphoses, shaped by natural forces and human interventions.

To me there is no esthetic or ugliness aspect in what I create. I sometimes need much time to get to approach and integrate the hidden beauty of some unexpected transformations, and each new evolution in my work opens new creative fields I can’t help to investigate again and again.” (David Challier)