Often related to the notions of cycles, recycling and metamorphic processes that exist in geology, archeology and in the organic or animal kingdoms, … my art work is questioning our perception of the various human, humanity, geological and universal times.

When I’m showing my work, I mainly try to lead the viewer to think about the short- and long-term consequences our actions have on our environment ; as well in a social or historical field than on a ecological point of view.

I make some unique pieces I present as single, couple or serial installations on wall and in standing or horizontal position under conceptual arrangement. My artistic work mainly consists in bringing some additional dimension to the three-dimensional objects I create. To me, the public reaction turns the status of the object I create into the status of sculpture. Then, in case my sculptures create some internal dialogs between themselves and some external dialogs with its audience, my work may be considered as conceptual art.

My artistic and scientific background and my ceramic medias and techniques allow me to create some bodies and skins that record in their volumes and surfaces the action and reaction that happened during the creative process, leaving a lasting impression of the creative time as being one intrinsic fourth additional dimension of my three-dimensional sculpture.

The tactile sensuality of the skin’s pieces, and the flesh, body, structure or skeleton I partially expose are the elements I play with to materialize and integrate the temporal dimension in my sculptures. The skin is very important to me, as being the boundaries between the body and space around it. It symbolizes in my plastic language the notion of the tangible present and of temporality. Thanks to the longevity of the ceramic media lasting tens of thousands of years before disappearing, creating ceramic sculptures allows me to address my vision of the world I live in as some contemporary testimonial fossils. My art sculpture may then establish some dialogs with the future generations I’ll never meet in person as well as some more and more meaningful dialogs with all others artifacts that survive time.